Digital Experience

Smart Self Check-in Experience

Welcome to the future! Kuching Park Hotel is now equipped with a smart self-check-in system. This customized experience is designed to provide our guests with a more convenient and pleasant check-in process. By utilizing the different options we offer, you avoid those long queues at the front desk altogether.

Smart Room Access Experience

Mobile Key

No need to carry physical keys with you. Our Smart Room Access system provides you with the convenience of accessing your room simply by using your smartphone.


With a simple swipe, you can unlock the door to your room and make your stay even more convenient!

Smart Guest Room Experience

The Smart Guest Room Experience is anything but ordinary, offering supreme amenities and luxury. We provide guests not only with comfort but also with the highest standards of innovation. Within our state-of-the-art facilities, our rooms feature cutting-edge technology that makes your stay relaxing and hassle-free.

Smart Room Service Experience

The Smart Room Service Experience enables us to deliver an enhanced level of service and deliver timely services. At Kuching Park Hotel, we aim to redefine what it means to have room service. Rather than a normal human room service delivery, we will get Jill, our room service robot to serve you. From our intelligent room service menu, we provide innovative services to our guests and plenty of options to order food, drinks, and other items straight from your smart devices, so you enjoy your stay in your room in comfort and style.

Smart Check Out Experience

We are delighted to introduce a fast, smart and convenient check-out experience. Now you can check out quickly and effortlessly through the app or smart kiosk. Eliminating the need to print out forms or collect all your belongings, the Smart Check-Out Experience is a simple and secure way to head out.

Smart Dining Experience

At Kuching Park Hotel, our staff and chefs aim to provide a memorable experience with every meal. Now you can enjoy the same great service by using our smart kiosks or mobile app – a simple touch and you have everything you need, at your fingertips.